Inslee doesn’t want competition for firms analyzing his gas price increase


Now that Jay Inslee is finally telling the truth about his plans to raise gas prices for all Washingtonians, he is attempting to reassure the public that he will try to keep that price increase low.

On the Dori Monson show, Jay Inslee said that the state of Washington will do “the most rigorous analysis of the projected technologies that we can look forward to, to see what costs may or may not be” regarding his “low carbon fuel” tax scheme.

In Inslee’s mind, the “most rigorous analysis” means issuing a sole source contract to a left-leaning California firm that has been around for less than a decade.

Because, after all, the best way to get the answer you are looking for is to ask someone who will give you that answer. You certainly wouldn’t want to open up that process to competition.Unless you truly wanted the analysis to be “rigorous” for taxpayers, instead of your extreme environmental campaign contributors, like Tom Steyer.

  • Jack Buckmeir

    Oregon sells gas, too and it’s not that far away…

    • squirl033

      yeah… and i’ll be moving there pretty shortly, if this crap in Olympia keeps up!