Investigative report uncovers secret liberal attack network in Washington state


Hypocrisy – it’s a staple of the liberal politics that the likes of Jim McDermott have defined for Seattle for a generation. From the so-called “progressives” waging a real War on Jobs agenda with their big-tax, big-government regulatory policies, to the attack-dog tactics of the many “non-partisan” groups that support only Democrat campaign (or, occasionally, Socialists for City Council).

Hypocrisy – that’s the theme of an investigative report this morning by Austin Jenkins. If you haven’t heard about it yet, take time now to listen or read his story from KPLU.

It’s sad to say, but this is, finally, the first story by the mainstream media on this Democrat attack network that started in 2005. It began with a few tech billionaire types, with the stated intent of moving Washington State’s politics even further Left.  After studying what had happened in Colorado the year before (documented in the book, The Blueprint), they decided that they could get around our state’s financial disclosure laws by operating outside party and candidate control – and in secret.

They easily found Democrat political operatives – from union reps, to social justice activists, to radical enviros – willing to take their money to go along. Because after all, these are the people raised on answering Saul Alinsky’s question, “Does this particular end justify this particular means?”  One need only look back at one of the biggest fines in PDC history, on the Democrat consulting group Moxie Media, to know how sleazy they can be in answering that question.

Blowing the cover off of this shady scheme is exactly the type of work that motivates SHIFT every day – to shine a spotlight on the excesses of the professional Left in this state. We know that public policy will SHIFT in Washington when the public knows the truth behind the liberal agenda – higher taxes, to grow a bigger state government, which exerts more control over our lives, and which rewards the special interest friends that fund their campaigns (and sometimes rewards those who leave public office).

Check back on SHIFT in the coming days and weeks, as we build on this latest disclosure to highlight the secret network of liberal activists funded by the mega-rich (members of the so-called “1%” that these activists hypocritically attack when they aren’t getting the money).

Who knows, maybe even the state’s Public Disclosure Commission will take an interest in how these Democrat activists have built a network that thumbs its collective nose at the public disclosure laws of this state.

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  • justintime

    Austin Jenkins, Republican mole on KPLU, whines about liberals attacking Republicans. Boo hoo.

    Moxie Media is NOT a Democratic consulting firm. Moxie Media is bi-partisan and will work for any group that has money to burn – Democrats, Republicans, gays, bigots, you name it.

    Moxie Media got its biggest fine while working to oust a Democrat:

    “Last December, the Seattle political consulting firm agreed to pay the state $290,000 in fines and legal costs — one of the largest settlements of its kind in Washington — for a campaign scheme that helped oust a Democratic state senator from Everett.”

    “Moxie shuffled money among shell committees during the 2010 primary to promote a little-known Republican and conceal the source of misleading robocalls and mailers against then-state Sen. Jean Berkey. She had been targeted by unions, trial lawyers and other groups who backed a more liberal Democratic rival.”

    Whoever is writing these stories and posting them on ShiftWA is a big time liar.
    This one is exposed as a lie merely by reading the references.
    Are Republicans so stupid and careless as to be swayed by this hogwash?
    Is that you Randy? Or is is Robbie?

    • db8coach4life

      I can quote the article, too @justintime:disqus . Try reading all of it rather than just picking out the few lines from context to suit your argument.

      “Moxie’s tactics were widely condemned, and some critics suggested the
      firm should be shunned to show that such dirty campaign tactics would
      not be tolerated.”

      “And how’d that work out?”

      “Moxie’s business doubled. The firm landed some of the most coveted
      Democratic political contracts of 2012, grossing nearly $2 million for
      state-level consulting and direct-mail work, according to state Public
      Disclosure Commission (PDC) filings. That’s twice Moxie’s 2010 haul, PDC records show.”

      Yes, their biggest fine was from a Republican campaign run by Moxie. And since then Moxie has been in the pockets of the Dems. But you missed the point of the paragraph above… it answers the question, “Should this kind of practice be allowed?”

      The answer, in case you’re wondering… and it doesn’t matter which side you support… is NO.

    • Legal__Immigrant

      “Moxie Media got its biggest fine while working to oust a Democrat”

      For the Democrat Machinery. Tell the whole truth, just not parts.

    • tryingtocalmdown

      austin jenkins, “republican mole”?!? now that’s rich. typical leftist. attack the messenger’s supposed political party affiliation in order to debunk his credibility. showing what low lives you really are. jenkins and erik smith are the only two “journalists” who actually do reporting in olympia, not just regurgitation of the caucus and inslee’s press releases. those who run moxie media are seattle libs and everyone knows it. what they did was both sleazy and illegal. they went after a sitting senator who wasn’t far enough left for the hack dwight pelz and his master’s at the “progressive alliance”. you make me sick.

  • Carlo Paisano

    state parks is one of the worst, hide behind loser Olympian News — Brad Shannon- married to POA of state parks Virgina Painter-= Left overs from Rex Derr X-mayor of OLY pals of all the hacks ARMPIT Olympian area.. They fire auditors, internal investigations are hidden, Employees are paid to not attend meetings. Theft is normal. The AD Mike sturnbacker and Director HOCHER hate each other– Privitize state pukes.. I am X 35 year Park ranger retired living in mexico on $7K USA month from loser state of Washington- plus free health care in USA- NOT OZAMBA like you idiots have..

    • Trisha Holmeide

      How’d you get a “$7K USA” pension from being a Park Ranger? Sounds like maybe someone needs to investigate the “good ol’ boy” network there too? And, your medical isn’t totally free in Mexico–you simply must pay cash for everything and because of the value of the dollar there it is very reasonable, but not free. But, yeah, we get the point the left had been controlling everything in this state for many years and corruption, cronyism and radical economic policies have taken their toll.

  • John Bailo

    Anyone who has tangled with the Seattle blogging community and tried to inject fact, logic and reason into the comment discussions will soon find, as I did, that no such things are tolerated.

    What happens is that anyone who doesn’t simply re-iterate the story handed down from their masters is disparaged, bullied and impugned virulently. I always wondered what was driving (or funding) these publications and their anonymous bullies and so perhaps you are answering.

    For myself, I have resolved to de-Seattlize myself and avoid all the local yokel op-eds because it’s obviously other-driven.

    • Legal__Immigrant

      Well stated Bailo.

    • tryingtocalmdown

      John, keep up your rabble rousing on crosscut, stranger and all the other left wing rags in this town of socialist fools.

    • Darlene Johnson

      I can relate to that.

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  • Laura

    Exposing the truth can only piss off the liars, so good job! In this state daring expressing opinions not along democratic lines is enough to trigger being attacked. It is time democrats pay their price for being the hypocrites they are, liberals in words and totalitarians in action. Filthy rich, feeling good with their conscience with their foundations, when foundations are their ways to pay lower taxes, when in everyday life they do not care for others. They have become a mafia group, financing hidden sources to buy elections to get officials to protect their dirty games, buying the media to shut up, altering textbooks for schools, firing who dare think differently, raising taxes when their elected officials live in lavish style, making up scandals to attack their opponents, financing killing innocent babies still in the womb hoping to get more votes, saying one thing and doing another, killing America at every level. Enough is enough.

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  • joley643

    It’s time for residents of Washington State to wake up, wise up. I suspect there are even Democrats who love this country, its Constitution, freedoms and liberties to stand up and fight for it?…or even to recognize the lawlessness perpertrated on citizens. We do have some people, few, who are even willing to make the effort to stand up, protest the liberals attempt to take away our guns and 2nd amendment. The first amendment is pretty well gone. So far I see little response even from Republicans.

  • Saul Alinsky

    In 2012, as The Washington Post reported, the Koch network raised $407 million, which was secreted among 17 groups with cryptic names and purposes that were designed to make it impossible to figure out the names of donors the Kochs worked with. As one tax expert told The Post, “it’s designed to make it opaque as to where the money is coming from and where the money is going.”

    • Rosebud

      The entire Washington Post article should be read. Yes, the Koch network raised $407 million in 2012, but that was 10th on the list of the biggest contributors and that was the highest on the list of contributing republican donors. The top nine political contributors of all time including their networks were democratic donors including Karl Rove. The $407 million pales in comparison to the $1.3 Billion contributed by the number one democratic donor. It is apparent that democrats have more millionaires and much more wealth than the republicans, by holding down workers pay and disincentivise work productivity. The Post story quoting a tax expert said the PROCESS used by both major parties is designed to make it opaque as to where the money is coming from and where the money is going.

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  • Richard Wittauer

    I’m forth generation to Washington State, It’s time to replace the people that are in office. Class mates of 1966 Frankklin High the party isn’t the same as it use to be, other countries have taken the european side. Stand for your rights and uphold the Constitution.

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  • Ken

    Keep it coming! Have a look at the City of Spokane political scene. The Progressives have taken over the City Council due in a large part to the unions.